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Ritika Utmani

Ritika Utmani

Being enthusiastic, inquisitive, and optimistic. This is what helps Ritika convey the importance of transitioning to a more sustainable world, within ways that are feasible by us. She believes that architecture and sustainability are naturally interwoven, and she wants this relationship to be evident everywhere.

Coming from a design background (Bachelors in Architecture) from India, and thereafter a Masters in Construction Management in the Netherlands, she believes that she is now in the right place to start exploring her journey with sustainability, encouraging everyone to do the same as she goes! She has joined K & R as a junior project leader, where every project is an unique challenge, and she hopes to learn and contribute in the best way possible.

She enjoys exploring different cultures and believes that each of these encounters enhance who we are as a person. Hence in her time beyond work, new people and new experiences make her happy.


Samen werken aan een betere leefomgeving.

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