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Sébastien Tussiau

Sébastien Tussiau

Sébastien is French, coming from the South Pacific, he first lived in New Caledonia and afterwards in French Polynesia, also called “the unspoiled paradise”. He studied at the University of Paul-Valery, where he finished his studies with a Master of Arts. He specialized in videogames and cinematography. After his studies, he was the intern in communication for the French business cluster Pole-eau Montpellier.

Afterwards, he decided to discover The Netherlands. In his role as game developer, Sébastien is back to the core of his interests, which is the alliance of Arts and new technologies. He is now bringing real-time 3d technologies to the AEC industry. He is also working on 3d GIS, and the visualization of data.

In his spare time Sébastien is busy with photography, sports, travels, drones and Arduinos.


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